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Welcome to The Art Desk, everyone! :) Feel free to join, post artwork, and have fun!

+Currently, members can post FIVE pieces of art to any gallery, every day!

+While you can't post sketches or WIPs in the gallery, you can discuss them in the comments box!

+This is a family friendly group!



For a nominal fee, I’ll critique your work, in depth!

Basic critique:
Basic observation about improper anatomy, incorrect perspective, or anything else that can be described as being slightly wrong. Suggestions for correction will not be given with this kind of critique, nor will I critique color. Only line-work/underlying shapes of colored work.

Intermediate critique:
Offering advice on how to fix the observed problems with the piece. Will also offer tutorials on applicable subjects for further improvement. Also comments on coloring.

Advanced critique:
Offering critique, advice, tutorials and redlining for your pieces; these will include the coloring.

If you're interested, please send me a note, and I'll give you my Paypal email! I'll critique your work as soon as I receive payment.


1. First and foremost, be nice. :) We want everyone here to have fun, share artwork, and in general, have a good time.

2. All artwork must be completely your own in execution (fanart is allowed, of course). We don't allow the coloring of someone else's artwork (even as a collaboration), tracing, art theft, or any other use of another person's artwork. This is to prevent any complications or misunderstandings. Using other pieces for reference is all right, but please, no direct copying in any way. Any piece that is found to have any of these attributes will be immediately removed from the group if it was initially accepted. If someone is found to knowingly abuse this rule, they will be immediately banned.

3. Only submit your very best artwork! Substandard artwork may be rejected. All artwork must be in full color or in some way polished and finished. Please, no quick sketches, WIPs or manga pages, they will be denied. Grayscale paintings are allowed. Cell style painting is also allowed, as long as the artwork has depth with shading and proper lighting. Flat, garish colors are likely to be denied.

4. Digital art is usually preferred over traditional art. This keeps the quality to a higher level, since traditional art is a much more difficult medium to master. Some traditional artwork will be allowed, though, if the quality is high enough.

5. NO ART CONTAINING SEXUAL CONTENT OF ANY KIND. ANY IMAGERY THAT INVOLVES AN ADULTxCHILD, NO MATTER HOW INNOCENT THE IMAGE MAY BE, WILL RESULT IN BEING IMMEDIATELY BANNED. We also ask that you do not submit "tasteful" nudity, shoujo-ai, or shounen-ai. Also, please, no sexual bondage art, no matter how well-clothed the characters are.

6.Some violence is ok, but please keep the gore to a minimum. :)

7. Please don't use this group for advertising other groups.

8. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DENY ANY ARTWORK, FOR ANY REASON. Starting immediately, all art pieces will be reviewed before showing up in the gallery. Sorry for the inconvenience! :)


Good examples of the quality we're looking for:

Silver by inkhana In The Pond by DiamondFusion Great Spirit of the Skies by anocurry

Featured - Do not submit to this folder, please! Administrators will be responsible for featuring the best art in the galleries.

OCs - Any sort of OCs~ Have fun, be creative! Again, just follow the rules~

Landscapes - Any landscape or scenic views of any kind go here, including cityscapes.

Creatures - Animals, creatures, monsters, anything that isn't human goes here.

Commissions - Any commissions or requests go here.

Miscellaneous - Not really an OC, a piece of fanart, or a landscape? Post your pic here!

Tutorials - Any tutorials can be posted here.

Fanart Folders (Castlevania, Chrono Trigger, etc) - Any sort of fanart can go in these folders, as long as it follows the rules.


1. Invite people to come join the website!

2. Promote us with our group icon! :iconthe-art-desk: Just write :icon the-art-desk: without the space, in your posts, journals, forum posts or comments!

3. Write a journal entry about our group! We'd love to see what you have to say and for you to be advertising our group in such a large way.

4. Draw a piece of art for The Art Desk and show it off in your gallery with a link to the group inside the description of your image! :)

5. Affiliate your groups with mine! I'd love for people to become my affiliates. It helps us all find new members that way! :)

Gallery Folders

Stardust by fullcolour-canvas
Always Be Yourself II by DenzelAJackson
Daily Steel by Ganibhal
Ibrahim_Warrior concept by Ganibhal
Planet Hopping Pioneer - Fierce The Bandit by FierceTheBandit
Pokemon Trainer  Jewell by KupcakeKitty
Rosamon by KupcakeKitty
Cosmic Heist - Eclipse: The Celestial Star Maker by FierceTheBandit
Landscapes and Environments
Didn't you know, my love? by Celesol
Enemies base by Ganibhal
Knock knock by miyamiyah
+Dying Embers - Book Cover II+ by ERA-7
I see you by MarianVLG
Band of Monsters (INK Day 26) by Celesol
When a Cat loved a Fish (INK Day 30) by Celesol
Pulpin by MarianVLG
$16.50: CLOSED by MyuHime
$10 Pastel Cuties: CLOSED by MyuHime
$10.50  Xianxia: OPEN 1 LEFT by MyuHime
Kemonomini adoptable CLOSED by Diana-AS
Story Time by pyro-helfier
Another Dog Portrait by pyro-helfier
Jackalope Antlers by pyro-helfier
Journey of the Scroll Cover Art Collaboration by calbhach
Memo Pad ''Bee'' by Mellymiew
+Axionn I+ by ERA7
+Explorers of the New Worlds+ by ERA7
Design and tattoo comparison by KirkyKate
[Tutorial] Digital Anime Part 2: Applying Shading by LilithBriar
[Tutorial] Digital Anime Part 1: Color Choices by LilithBriar
Sole of Foot Tutorial of Patreon by calbhach
Woman's Armpit Tutorial of Patreon by calbhach
Patreon Exclusive Carmilla Fanart by calbhach
Soma Cruz Chibi by calbhach
Nathan and Loretta by calbhach
Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger : Lucca by Senohsuke
Magus Castle by Orioto
Chrono trigger - Schala Janus by lanfanarts
Millennial Day by FirebornForm
Earthbound Mother
Fire Emblem
FE:A Robin (fem) / Avatar by Daemillu
Final Fantasy
Cindy by ElectroDan
Harvest Moon
Winni icon by GrilledandCheesed
Kid Icarus
Light or Dark by doublejoker00
Challenge Piece - Simplicity by calbhach
Player Two's Underdog - Luigi And Shy Guy by FierceTheBandit
Megaman - Fanart by Juanito Medina by JuanitoMedina
Samus zero Boost kick! by kajinman
Pokemon Red - Fanart by Juanito Medina by JuanitoMedina
Secret of Mana
[Seiken-Densetsu 2] Prim A by Gengoro-Akemori
Super Smash Brothers
SSB4 Stars by bellhenge
Skies of Arcadia
Vyse by Hemuvel
Maiden Of The Little Planet - Amy Rose by FierceTheBandit
Soul Blazer - Illusion of Gaia - Terranigma
Terranigma - ATC by Merinid-DE
Star Fox
Falco by hybridmink
Sage Of Earth Reborn - Medli (Wind Waker) by FierceTheBandit
Other Game
Happy powerfull Easter!! by DrClosure
Game Crossovers
Jessie the Usurper by Zombie-Graves
Anime Fanart
Steampunk/Apocalypse Bakugou by fantasydreamtima
Anime Crossovers
Ranma 1/2- Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai AU by luckylizart
Other Fanart
Young Moira by ulmuri
Enrique Stamp by calbhach


Zelda Month Nov 2015 by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Zelda Month Nov 2015 :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 69 2 Terra by Guido9 Terra :iconguido9:Guido9 52 4 Legend of Zelda by Milee-Design Legend of Zelda :iconmilee-design:Milee-Design 279 33 Dedication by Solfour Dedication :iconsolfour:Solfour 79 14 East of the Sun and West of the Moon by Heylenne East of the Sun and West of the Moon :iconheylenne:Heylenne 2,294 131 Vulcan by HaitianHallow Vulcan :iconhaitianhallow:HaitianHallow 63 5 Lightning the Dovahkiin by Magochocobo Lightning the Dovahkiin :iconmagochocobo:Magochocobo 203 46 Challenge 2-9 - Bad Black and White Movie by inkhana Challenge 2-9 - Bad Black and White Movie :iconinkhana:inkhana 2 1 Omocha : Let it burn by ZenithOmocha Omocha : Let it burn :iconzenithomocha:ZenithOmocha 4,090 94 FFCouples Cloud and Tifa by ladywinde FFCouples Cloud and Tifa :iconladywinde:ladywinde 328 30 Sabin and Gau by sweetmoon Sabin and Gau :iconsweetmoon:sweetmoon 389 68 MEGAMANX3 by OK-ChiaTay MEGAMANX3 :iconok-chiatay:OK-ChiaTay 200 15 MEGAMANX2 by OK-ChiaTay MEGAMANX2 :iconok-chiatay:OK-ChiaTay 286 44 MEGAMANX1 by OK-ChiaTay MEGAMANX1 :iconok-chiatay:OK-ChiaTay 307 14 Child of Light - Off to Sleep by Rousteinire Child of Light - Off to Sleep :iconrousteinire:Rousteinire 272 2 100 Theme - With or Without You by Rousteinire 100 Theme - With or Without You :iconrousteinire:Rousteinire 204 8
Our sister-group :iconprojectgetcommission: ! With Project: Get Commission, we will go looking for people that YOU can commission! No more hunting and wondering where they all are or what their prices start at. You can just check out our directories to see more!

Handy commission directory is split into sections for your convenience!:
+ Patreon artists who give away art requests for a pledge (Some $1.00!)
+ Commissions for Points
+ Commissions for FREE and up
+ Commissions for $1.00 and up
+ Commissions for $5.00 and up
+ Commissions for $10.00 and up
+ Commissions for $25.00 and up
+ Commissions for $50.00 and up
+ Commissions for $100.00 and up

These will include:
+ Realism
+ Semi-Realism
+ Anime
+ Cartoon
+ Abstract

ANYONE can add their commission sheets to these directories!

Want your work to be commissioned? You can either contact any of the artists in the directory, or you can add artwork of what you want commissioned in the Hunting For Artists folder, and see who snatches up the job!

There's also a section for anyone to post any art!

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